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06 August 2009 @ 10:34 am
Well, today is my 30th birthday.  I can hardly believe it!  I have been alive for 30 years, 3 decades, it really seems like a long time.  I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it sure does!  When I turned 25 and noticed wrinkles around my eyes....I sort of freaked out and I started making face cream (http://www.hip-threads.com/bodyherbals.asp).  After that, I felt much better about my skin...this 30th birthday however....I ordered a bunch of stuff from arbonne in their line that reverses the aging process of the skin (supposedly).  Maybe I am afraid of looking old?  That could be part of it, who knew I was so vain?  Certainly not me! 
Maybe its because my body isn't as resilient as it used to be.   I hurt my back a few years ago and continue to be plagued with pain now and then.  (*though I have a grrreat physical therapist who saves me every-time I hurt)....then I hurt my leg pretty good when I started up running a few weeks ago.  I went to my physical therapist and I have tendinitis!  what?  how did that happen.  She says, you need to start stretching before you run, you need to make sure you stretch after, use ice or heat too.  What?  All of this just to run?!  and it's only supposed to be down hill from here, right?  
I think I worry about aging because I don't want to look old, but even more, I don't want to FEEL old.  You are only as young as you feel.  Or as Bob says on the biggest looser "you are only as young as your spine"  and with all the back problems I have had...that rings true! 
I am going to try to care for my body more in this decade...and I am going to get over this anxiety I have picked up over the last few years.  i hate it! 

Last night mu hubby and I reminisced about my last 10 years.  We have known each other and been together since I was 21 years old.  Its been my whole 20s pretty much  that I have known him and loved him.  We have enjoyed many vacations together across the country, we moved across the country together with no money and no jobs, we have been through a lot of ups and downs in our relationship.  It has been wonderful.  Marriage and moving to Colorado are my two favorite decisions in my 20s.   I have a surprise birthday weekend coming up, I am looking forward to fun with friends and maybe family...with no anxiety and lots of good memories. 

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08 June 2009 @ 11:55 am
We have been getting lots of rain here in Colorado!  And my garden is loving it!!
Here are some pics of the growing, yummy veggies.  Yes, I know I need to weed :)  that is my least favorite part of gardening...
Lettuce and pumpkin

onions and peas.  (yes, I need to weed)

The whole garden.    Cucumber. 
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30 May 2009 @ 10:54 pm
Today I had to go shopping to get some more beading supplies and some fabric for some custom orders.  I found this cool new bead shop called Red and Green Gems in Lakewood, CO.   They had tons of great stones, tumbled, semi precious, gems, etc, etc.  They drilled some holes in rocks for me, which was great, ...but it was kinda expensive. at $6 per hole!  But the stones were reasonably priced and they had a lot of variety.  
The last time I went to my regular gem shop, they were out of sterling silver earring hooks...and this new place didnt have any either!  Grrr.  I looked at another craft store for them and still didnt find any?!?  Why is that so hard.  I never did get the fabric I needed....I couldnt make a decision...geez.
Josh and I then went to JCPenneys, since I needed more work clothes.  I was able to get a few things...but the highlight of the day was noticing a pet store right outside of penneys, and we spent probably 1.5 hours in there looking at and holding puppies~!!  They had tons of puppies, probably about 50, I would say!  They are all purebred, which is not necessarially our taste, but they sure were cute!  though, I think going to the "pound" and getting a puppy is the better way to go   But they sure were cute!!!!
Rock would be so upset with us...lol

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24 May 2009 @ 01:17 pm
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19 May 2009 @ 01:42 pm
Here are some pics of our garden.  I weeded AFTER I took the pics, so it looks much better than it does below :)  I also planted another row of carrots, beans, and more herbs today. 

Lettuce at the top, then peas, then onion.  The pics dont do it justice :)

Little Cucumbers and little green beans just popping up!  

Some GREEN grass in our yard!!!  The key, seed in the winter, apparently :)

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19 May 2009 @ 01:11 pm
I bought Josh some woodworking books a while back, and he finally used one to make something :)  (not that he hasnt been busy working on our house/yard/etc). 
I had thought maybe it would be cool for him to make some wooden boxes while he is at home not working...maybe he would enjoy it.  So he made his first one out of some wood we had in the yard.  I think the next one will be smaller, and then we will sand and paint it. 
Would this be something you would buy?  Gift?  Like a box for your seed packets?  Or cards, or jewelry or ....
Here are some pics. 

Obviously the wood isn't the best in this photo, and its not painted...but You get the idea :)

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09 May 2009 @ 09:33 pm
(unfortunatley neither of these codes are working, and I dont know why???????)

Visit HipThreads's ArtFire Shop


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09 May 2009 @ 02:39 pm
Its been so long since I have updated, I am going to try to get back into blogging.  Even just a little bit each week. 

For a brief update to 2009;
Josh lost his job at the end of February, and has been unable to find another job :(  
Its been a rough time for us, but we are getting lots done on the house, the yard, all those projects we have.  That's defintaly the up-side to all of this, the basement ceiling is nearly done, we will get the final inspection soon, then there will be lots, and lots of trimwork to do.  He poured a concrete patio out back, with more work to still do on that one, built a rock wall in the front yard, cleaned up the yard a lot, got the garden started (well, i did that mostly), and lots more!  He is still looking hard for an entry level IT job..so if you have any leads in the Denver area, please contact me!!!

I have been sewing, making jewelry, headbands, and lots more this winter and spring!  More and more I look forward to making my part time business a full time life, but for now, I just forge onward.  I am trying to market myself better...and I desperately need my website re-done.  I need better meta tags and stuff like that, which I know nothing about :)  (and dont enjoy)  So if anyone is really goos at that...contact me for a trade?!?! 

Of course spring means planting!  And I seeded our whole yard this whole winter, and it paid off, there is a big patch of green grass out there!  It looks sooo nice!!!  My garden is looking good, I have onions, lettuce and peas already up.  I just planted in the past week cucumber, beans, carrots, and will plant more soon.  
I made herb garden planters with lavender, basil, chives, dill, parsley, and oregano.  I hope they do well, this is the first time I have tried doing this...!?!?  Any pointers out there?

I also have a terrible cold that is driving me nuts, and I cant stop coughing, whine whine.  he he. 

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08 December 2008 @ 08:55 pm
Here is the green accent color wall.  I am really excited about the "accent color wall" !!!  I have always liked the concept, but never had anywhere to put it!
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07 December 2008 @ 09:22 am
The last couple of weeks we have been back, hard at work in the basement!  I really want to use the space for Christmas, and to have a tree this year!!! 

So, somehow a bunch of pics I took up to the point of paint have gotten deleted :(  
probably b/c I didnt delete them off the camera and Josh had to take it to work *(cause its his work camera) and there were pics on it, and he deleted them.  :(  shoot! 

But here are a few pics of the paint! 
The paint color is harvest wheat or something like that.  It ended up looking just like the basement bedroom paint, even though they are two separate colors :(  shoot!  On the right, the white wall will be painted an evergreen green. 
A plug for paint ~~~  We have painted this whole basement, ACE HARDWARE paint is way better than behr, home depot paint, and many others!  It covers much better, we always have a lot leftover, and its not very expensive either.  plug plug

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